Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sewing, Cooking, Crafting = Elashry Girls

Since Samia started school I notice that the day that she has no school I have to keep her busy so she does not get bored.  I think Samia would do wonderful if she would be going 5 days to school I guess it would be next year.

Samia a few things before I forget.  The other day when I pick you up from school, I asked your teacher how you were doing and what you did after lunch.  

Teacher - Samia go and play outside with the kids

Samia - No Ms. Nicki they are all sweaty I stay inside.

Samia  you are so careful about everything and the funnies things is that you always end up falling or hitting yourself with the walls.  When we go outside you complain about the grass, the bugs, everything so unlike me.  I wonder where you got those girly girly touches.

Today after cutting the cake we bake and enjoying the lantern you made, you disseapear for a second baba found you in the playroom looking out of the window talking to the starts or like you said ---Making your wishes to the stars.  Everyday you amaze me nena!

Let's start by showing my last sewing project I finish the skirt with skort and then I decided to take one of your shirts and make it a collar out of mami's t-shirts.  She love it and that always makes me super happy! I made this for Milo's birthday, Samia is having a hard time understanding is not her party so I will just play alone, I know next year she would understand the birthday concept.  Inshallah!!!

Samia you area also a big helper planning Milo's birthday here you are helping me with the party favors.  You look just like mami in this picture!

Since last week I being having two pumpkins in my kitchen waiting to  be carve but seriously SAmia has not idea on how to do it and neither do.  I personally think she would not really enjoy it so I figure let's paint them this way she can entertain herself as well as Gamila.  I love when the girls do crafts specially when baba gets home and they run to show him what they made and this was no exception.  I used washable paint this way we can wash them and do it again if we choose to.

While Gamila took a nap Samia wanted to keep on working with her hands so we did a very cool thing. I was not very sure of the outcome but it came out great.

I got a glass jar ~~~~ Liquid Starch ~~~~Tissue paper any color I only had white would try it with orange soon.

I had her cut the tissue paper in small pieces she did some big some large.

Then with a sponge she wet the jar all over with the starch.

Then she started sticking the tissue paper around the jar

I let it dry for about 4 hours.

Then I ask her to draw a happy face she got a little excited and color all over it.

While she was doing it I told her we would light it up like we do our Arabic lanterns, but inside me I did not know if I could put a tea light inside, I know you can do it in glass, but then I started thinking that maybe it was only some kind of glass that could take the heat.

When baba came home she showed it to him and ask him to light it up...baba right away did and wow it was great we all loved it.

And here we are all of us enjoying Samia's tea light, we will be doing this once again.

I try to keep Milo busy baking cakes but she always find time do come up with something like this


Salma said...

I am sorry but the last picture is a classic...too cute.

Nettie's Blog said...

I love it how you guys celebrate Halloween ..Australia is not big on it at all...but after havin a daughter live there for 4 years who does elebrate it and has a Halloween Party with her friends and young family...they all love it so much and dress up and do the spider web and bats and ghouls and such.. love your childs name Milo it is a chocolate drink here in Australia and a favorite one at that...