Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dogs and flowers!

Today was a fun day we got to do something with baba he is being working so much but he made sure to give us a few hours this morning...

We went to the park and to our surprise there was a a dog show it was very nice dogs everywhere Samia and baba were in heaven...mami and Gamila were just enjoying seeing baba and Samia so happy. We even came across two of Samia's teachers. She was so excited to see them.

I always wonder how Samia can go from this smile to this.

I know Samia you will kill me if you knew I am putting a picture of you in this conditions, but I just want to you that you are not all smiles and sometimes mami had to deal with moments like this, while Milo the clown is goofing off clueless about what is going on with her older sisters drama.

Now to my crafts or creations....after yesterday's walk and no luck collecting leaves to make a garland...this morning while I was reading my magazines I decided I will make them out of the paper just in the fall colors. Samia help me pick the colors and I cut the shapes, she also help me glue it to the ribbon and even hang it. Gracias chuchi.

Sometime this week I finally came around to putting up Mio's picture in their room. I did not want to do it when Guido and Zetu were here, since I know is not easy for them. But baba and me want to keep her memory around las nenas so I have always kept a picture of her and put flowers around it. That was one of the reason why when I was doing the landscape I pick roses this way we could go out and cut them and decorate her picture. Today Samia and I decided to do it.

Samia lately you being asking a lot about Mio your latest things is what language she speak, English, Spanish or Arabic..when I told you English and Arabic you got all excited. The other day when it was one of our rough days after you came out of your time out you brought her up baffles me that you ask so much about her...I know she loved you dearly and wish so badly to see this makes me wonder what is going on in that little head of yours.


Kim said...

You are such a good mommy and are so blessed with two beautiful girls - Mio would be so proud of you and would just love them - you know she does from Heaven!

Stylomom said...

I am happy to look at these pictures... you take good photos.. abt Mio, keep her in your prayers and tell Samia the same. Im sure she will get the barakah from Allah for touching so many lives. Inshallah..

Counselormama said...

Very nice pictures! I often wonder what goes on in their heads!

Salma said...

Too cute and funny. I love the way you capture the girls. Such is life with kids it seems. You are truly blessed.