Monday, October 26, 2009

Handy family!


Abuela call me this morning telling me that since the 21st there are no new pics and she knows there are many new things around the house.

Let's start by saying that we have being very very bussy, we have being submerge in paint, sand, pavers, treee branches, card stock, paint swatch paper, water, mud etc etc.

This project was started over a month ago, first we put sand all over the area we wanted to make the patio, then baba put down the pavers, I put the sand and sweep it baba mist with water is a long tedious process. Afterwards we had to put the border I did this yesterday and today I could barely move my arms from hammering. We love the way it looks!!!! We also went to the extend of redoing plant pots out of the containers we got the sand in.

While we work las nenas have fun being silly they just love to hang around when we are working.

We also wanted to paint the doors around the house, since we purchase the house in such a hurry we were never happy with the color it was a dull green color. So we first wanted a terracotta color we gear up and got it and when we tried it in the door it looked at this point we just went with a brown color more common and we knew it gas going to look good. We did the door and the rim. We still have the front door, plus the patio door, this is one is the car port.

On friday I went over my friends Bonnie house and she recently painted her house and it look great and soon she would be doing her girls room .....I left her house thinking I need to do some painting in las nenas room. But I was not 100% sure, plus the girls are growing up so fast, that they likes change, and I have to admit I hate seeing the same decor all the time. So I started thinking what I could do. I had seen this bird mobiles, they use real tree branches and I love the idea. So then I started looking at decor pages in the internet and here and there I took some ideas and came out with this. Everything is made out of card stock and the paint little papers you find in the paint department at Lowe's. It was funny Saturday I spend the whole morning picking up little color papers, baba was like Mistika they are going to stop us with all the ones you pick.

I have never being a drawer but I was amaze how was able to draw the different types of butterflies and the little birds silhouettes. I also attached everything with the removable glue dots, this way when ever I want to take it down is easy. I think if I send $4 in this decoration was allot.

I guess I am gettting older and proving myself I can draw!!!!!


Salma said...

Lovely...that's why I like visiting your blog...such a source of inspiration. Now if I could only inspire hubby...

Umm Omar said...

Everything is beautiful!

Stacey said...

You guys are some of the most crafty people I know. I give up on sewing. ha ha.

Stylomom said...

Mashallah so pay someone to do the pation would cost you a lot, this is so inspirational, you are very gifted! and where do you get all the time?