Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's go to the sky!

Dialogs of a 3 year old.

Yesterday while we were in Lowes getting some stuff Samia said she needed some flowers but they had to be pink for a princess like her.

However today we had a small conversation that made me cry. I finally got around to hanging an embroidery Titi Mio made and she gave it to me when she teach me how to embroidery. I love that picture frame it reminds me of her and I love seeing it in my room.

When Samia came across it
Samia "Mami thank you for this beautiful frame"

Mami "Titi Mio made it"

Samia "Mami when is she coming?"

Mami "She is not coming she is in the sky with God"

Samia places her hands in her waist and then proceeds to tell me "Mami how we are going to get there?"

Mami "Not sure we can go there"

Samia "I know the pilot in the plane can take us to see titi Mio"

By now I had tears coming down my cheeks...these are the moments it hits me that she is not here and las nenas never got to meet her. I will love to have a boy but having another girl and naming her Amira would be so beautiful. She was a such an special girl.

The remodeling continue today we are actually working in a big project that is going to take us a couple of days but after finishing it we would be like having a new dinner room.
We also created a little Mediterranean corner. I have to admit I am in love with it and so are the girls.


Nur said...

What a nice and emotive moment...
even if is a boy, you can name him Amir...
I hope you are fine

AlabasterMuslim said...

Inshallah she will go to heaven :D
and those lights are SO pretty!!! i LOVE lamps like that. Its really nice that you are letting your girls experience both parts of their heritage. When they are older they will really appreciate.

Mama Kalila said...

Awww... That is such a hard topic to explain. But a very sweet story.

I love your pics too!

Umm Omar said...

I can imagine that's a tough conversation to have. Stay strong, honey.

Stylomom said...

Ahh Mistika... I love these sort of conversations with kids, makes you appreciate everything about them, simple pleasures really. Nice to read your stories.