Friday, October 9, 2009

Remodel mode!


Since I being back we have been in remodel mode.  Baba and I decided to fix the girls room with the stuff I got from my trip to Ikea.  I just love the way the room came out not too much just perfect.  Inshallah in a couple of months Gamila would be enjoying a twin bed as well.  I love Gamila's canopy is in the shape of a leaf she loves it Samia loves her canopy and the lamps in shape of flowers.  They are so in love with the room, the whole day they kept going inside the room.

I also made baba do the impossible, baba fears electricity mainly because his dad is an electric engineer and a couple of years ago he burn badly working in Egypt after this he fears electricity more.  I bought a lamp for the playroom but we had to remove the chandelier and put the sun, it all started backwards for 3 hours we scream, we decided to call an electrician, but mami can be very stubborn.  I call el nono and he walk me thru the whole process and Voila here we have the sunshine in the playroom like Samia calls it.



Lizzie Fish said...

I'm glad you held out! That sun is AWESOME! I love love love the heart comforter, too! You guys did a great job - their room is so beautiful.

Salma said...

I already love decorating, but you are inspiring me even more. This is all simply beautiful. I love all of it.

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Anonymous said...

love the room, I thought it was a photo in a magazine. You have created a beautiful room.