Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall with the girls!


It has being a busy couple of days, I like keeping busy, Nenas always keeps busy it helps your mind and everyone around you.  Sunday I baked muffins some were banana with nuts and the others were pumpkin with chocolate.  I loved those even though my Samia does not like chocolate baba, Milo and myself devoure them.  I also got a chance to use these templates I found on line a couple of weeks back. 

On Monday I got the chance to see some of the girls from the mommy group it was nice seeing them and knowing that although I had not done anything with the group for a while their friendship still there without any reproach, I really appreciate that.  Nenas always remember friends are to be enjoy when they are around.  Do not ever become dependent of a friendship or judge others for their actions, there is always a reason of why people act a certain way or do certain things.  We all make mistakes and we are nobody to judge them and if by any chance you dislike something a friend does have the decency to tell them in their face what you dislike, if they a real friend they would listen.  Also don't hold a grudge always remember it only hurts you and takes away from the positive energy you can give others.

So Halloween is around the corner and Ms. Samia wanted to be a Aurora for a while then it change to Jazmine but since we left to Miami her new costume is the Unicorn from Little Pony yes you are reading it right.   How can you change from a  princess to a horse, but what can I say it has being in her head for over 3 weeks and even though I have show her repeatedly the princess costumes she still sticking to her Unicorn.  So having no choice I came up with the costume with the help of baba like always.  Milo you love to get involve in everything we do specially when we are not looking around, here you are trying to get into the costume and poor Samia is looking like no Milo that is mine!


Samia here you are with your finish costume


Today we went to a pumpkin patch actually to the school that Samia goes it was great they had a story time with cookies and drinks plus a pumpkin Samia loved it. The place was decorated great.





While the kids nap I finally finish a dress for Samia, I fell in love with the fabric the moment I saw it.


News about the baby I am 4.5 months Wow times flies hopefully in a week we would know if we are having a boy or girl, I have to be sincere I have very strong feelings we are having a girl, I think if is a boy we would very very surprised!


Anonymous said...

Que bonitas!! Como estan? Love all your pictures BTW, can I have one muffin?:)

on the edge said...

I love the way you write and share things with your children ! Loved the pictures too ! Good luck with the baby !!!