Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppet Show

Samia as you get older I try to keep you busy using your mind and not your eyes watching TV.  I remember when I was growing up that we would not watch TV we would always be playing pretend games.  Abuelo would always read to us and stimulate our mind playing games. If we were in the car we each would pick a color of a car and count how many we can spot.  It was a family game, Why do we put DVD's for children now days.  We had a DVD in our car and it broke over a year ago and since then I learn I could live without it and so do the children.

Now when ever we take long trips we either listen to music to practice the Spanish or Arabic, if not we are counting the color of cars and if not we are talking about all the animals in the sky, the water, the ocean and so forth. And I have to admit there are times I don't want to talk but Samia has gotten used to it and she ask me so I feel is my duty to teach her.

At home we are always playing games or activities I try to read allot to see what activities I can do with her to keep her entertain and that way I can get sometime to spend with Milo.

We have being playing transferring ice from one cup to another just with a spoon, we have also being getting allot of buttons in different shapes and 3 or 4 colors and she would separate them.  It amazes me how much she loves to do that and she loves to accomplish her task and is so proud of herself.  I can see she wants to do it perfect.

This was our second week with the puppet show.  Once a week we read a story couple of times she picks several characters and then she would do a puppet for each character and she would then give us a puppet show. 


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the mrs. said...

do you use a website or book for recommendations on activities?