Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Duende and mushroom!

Yesterday I was finally able to finish the design I had done in Samia's dress. Over the weekend I sew this for her and baba drew the little duende and the mushroom. I wanted to embroider it for her, I had never done this but I went on line and check the types of stitches and voila it took no time and I have to admit it was relaxing to do.

By the time I finish she was sleeping but this morning when I showed it to her she was thrill like always so happy to see it so many expressions in her face I just love doing things for her. Milo I have not finish yours, but you wanted to wear your sisters dress as well and give us your happy faces like you call them. Here are a few examples of your happy faces
Samia Guido send you a package from Egypt and we received it today he send you a little set of earrings and bracelets and like you can imagine you do not want to take them off, however I do have to say by the time I am writing this we are already missing an earring and you already broke a bracelet.

Samia today when we sat down to have dinner you said to me "Mami this soup is fantastic" you also mention how the potatoes had being so well cooked.

Milo you are trying so hard to use the potty but for some reason you fear it you sit on it, and want to do number 2 but you try and nothing, then I put your pamper on and when you want to do number two you ask me to go to the potty again but nothing, hopefully you will get better at.

Milo these are some of the things that come out of your mouth:

When baba is trying to get you out of the tub, he says "Let me hold you" you will answer "No I hold you"
"I do it for everything" oh the other day you fell of your booster chair, now every time you get close to it your words are "I fall off" You have the sweetest voice my milo linda!

On another note today we got awaken by some crazy guy or girl that decided to fly their little one engine plane in top of our subdivision. It was so scary this plane was flying maybe 15 feet above the roof of some of our homes.


Jaz said...

That is so cute! But I have to admit that when I saw the title of your post I'm now singing that Miguel Bose "Duende" song in my head haha

Salma said...

I just love love your blog...really nice. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and your girls are very beautiful.

Carito said...

Hola amiga, en mi blog te dejé un premio. Espero que lo disfrutes, besos!

Carito said...

Hola amiga, en mi blog te dejé un premio. Espero que lo disfrutes, besos!