Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mail, Park, Stroller new look

For some reason I take the pictures but I don't get around to posting them I promise myself I will start doing it more often like before.

The last couple of days we have done letters to every single member in our family, that is Samia's new gig cutting paper coloring them and then taking them to the mail box, so the mail lady can pick them up. Then we have to sneak on her and empty the mail box or else there would be no room for the real mail.

The other day baba and me started pulling out the weeds..what an annoying thing to do! Everything hurt after we finish starting by my nalgas from sitting in Samia stool. While we were out the girls decided to dress up and stay outside with us we had a princess and a half dress as a veterinary.

Since we moved here I had not taken the girls to the park one because it was the middle of the summer and the temperatures are brutal and secondly I was not aware of any nice parks however I join a mami group in the area and they told me there was a very nice children park, actually very close to the house. I took las nenas there on Friday and they love it, the place is great it has many play areas to fit any kids age very clean and safe, I know this would be our new hang out.

Once again Samia is kind of sick it looks like a cold she had a slight fever and the runny nose along with watery eyes, I just can not take anymore of these colds, flu's, virus whatever you want to call them, and then I know next week Gamila would be having the same symptoms like it is to be expected. So since today I could not leave the house I decided to to do something with our stroller, I love the stroller it has being all over the place so I kind of have a sentimental value to it. While Guido and zetu were here for some reason they left it outside and it got wet and dirty. I have done everything you can think of to clean it up vinegar, baking soda, bleach etc etc. And since we are leaving next week I had to do something about it, so I took it apart and did a kind off cover for the damage areas, I love the new look of my stroller!!!!

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