Monday, September 14, 2009

Ping pong - bubbles - baba- princess

Over the weekend I had my check up...I had originally had the appointment for during the week, but baba was out of town so I had to reschedule. Their offices are open on Saturday which was so nice actually the office was empty it took no time, everything is fine.

I was so excited I though I was only going to hear the baby's heart but he or she was moving so much that my Dr. which by the way I loved said you know the ultrasound machine is on let's go and take a peek at this baby. Surely enough he or she was bouncing all over the place no wonder why it was hard to get a heart beat. Is so nice to see that the baby is doing fine. My next appointment I will be able to find out if we are having a BOY or GIRL I can not wait!!!!

Samia you have the weirdest fashion concept, for some reason you love to change your shoes five hundred times you always make an excuse when I put the shoes on they itch, they are small, they don't match, the socks. This is one of your fashion statment.

Samia among your fashion you love princess and pink, the other day we went to the fabric store and you pick this princess fabric, I was not to thrill about it, but if you like it I have to allow you to be yourself as well, so I made this dress you don't want to take it off, to the point you even want to sleep with it.

Baba you are great with las nenas, even Samia had you drawing on her shirt so I could stitch it. You are very good drawing thank God because if would be me drawing instead of a princess I will make a witch. Hopefully today after putting the girls down I will start stitching the dresses and the shirt.

We had a great weekend with baba he was all ours is so much fun when he is around, not only he gives me a hand but I can see the girls are so happy. We cooked, we played with them, we all dance like crazy people, this being said Milo you are a clown you just love to be silly and be funny! You can be a little difficult but when ever I say "NO" you will start dancing, what can I do then ????? is hard not to laugh.

Nenas you loved to go into the tub and play with the bubbles, Samia every time you play with the bubbles you always say "Papa Noel" I can just imagine how exciting this Christmas is going to be.

Samia you love to talk to my belly and tickle it, you even go to the extend of asking me if the baby is sleeping I just know you will be a great big sister, you are so caring!!!!! Mashallah!


Wenbren Explains It All said...

Bubbles are always so much fun! Finding out what the baby will be is gonna be so exciting for everyone!!Have you been thinking of baby names?

Mistika said...

Well if is a girl it would be name after baba's sister that passed away about 1.5 yr ago. If is a boy not sure.

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness...all those bubbles!!! I can not wait to hear what you are having!

Melanie said...

Love the bubbles!! I noticed you are a member of the Houma/Thibodaux mom's group? I'm one of the assistant organizers!