Saturday, February 5, 2011

Allergic and Crafts

Everyday we learn something new I always heard  Abu saying it and now that I am older I see it everyday.  I learn something new about myself and about others for instance last week we learn Milo is allergic to ant bites 

Milo you went out to play and got bitten by an ant, Samia called me screaming and I went and remove it from your hand it was just one and I did not give it much thinking, however a few minutes later you started crying and complaining your tongue was hurting.  The truth is that I did not give it much thought I though it was just you not feeling well.  Then you started crying and complaining so I asked you to let me see your tongue and it was swellen so right away I took you to after care and yes indeed you were having difficulty breathing by the time we made it.  I was so scared but so glad that we found out when I was around and I was there to take care of you.

This week we being working in some valentine crafts, Samia you love making this garland it was so easy and it kept you entertain for a while, I love to have you do crafts that you are going to enjoy doing and best of all you are going to be looking at some time to decorate the house I find that you take more pride of those crafts.

Milo you were too little for a needle and thread so you opted for the puzzles.

 I love to see you posing nena hermosa

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