Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Samia Talking

Samia talking:

Talking about titi Mio so she ask me where she was I say she die and her question is WHY so I tell her that is what God wanted then she looks at me with her innocent face and says MAMI is GOD BAD?

-Then we keep on talking about God and then she says God also die with a crown of spikes.

-She confess that yesterday when I got mad at her and I send her to her room she was spitting in the floor and at her dress, so I look at her and told her that is not nice nor acceptable, so she looks back at me and then tells me but mami you are not mad at me now because I am not doing it.

Samia told me Jackson was a dad and he wanted to marry her.  He was falling in love with her and nothing else this are your exacts words  (Samia I just wish you have the same thinking for the next 20 years)
She did tell me they were playing pretend all along.

Samia - Mami what do we do when we get old?

Everyday you say something great that is why I write everything in all kind of scrap papers then I pass everything in here.

Amir you are about to walk you have already taken a few steps I can not believe in less than 2 weeks you would be a year old, but I also have to be sincere I like the fact that I will be out of the baby stages I think I have had enough 5 years in a row I have had babies in my house, is very draining and I know it all pays off but there are times that I want to run run run away, something like Forrest Gump.  

Is not everyday or at all times is just those times when my patience is coming to an end but the I can not blame them they tend to never get tired.

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