Friday, February 4, 2011


Nenes something I have tried since a very early age is independence.  I am a believer that you guys need to entertain each other and as you grow up new things are tried and more responsibilities are giving.

Nenes bed time around the house is between 6:30 and 7:00 and  yes I know many of my mami readers would think I am insane but I find that it does wonders.

So after you guys go in your room even if you don't go to sleep you read you sing and you tell each other stories.  You are only allow to leave your room to go the pipi room, and in the morning mami go and gets you however the last couple of days I wake up to some dress up princess in front of my face.  It has work because I find it adorable but nenas it would not last much longer.

 Talking about independence Samia can make cupcakes all by herself, you do everything the only thing I have to do is put them in the oven and remove them.  I was amaze the other day when you told me you wanted to make cupcakes and then you just took the lead and you did it. 

 And Amir while the girls cook you make a mess and for some reason Amir I have come to realize that boys just love to get dirty I change your onesie like 3 times a day you just don't mind dirt.

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Salma's Visual Notes said...

Great job Samia...I wish I could have cupcakes. I like your hat as well.
Gamila, I like your costume.
Amir, what is that toy in your mouth?
Mistika, I used to have the girls in bed early as well...they get tired fast, and grumpy even faster. I don't think you are crazy.