Sunday, August 15, 2010

I forgot the tittle

The last couple of days we being having lots of rain around here so we have had our share of tea parties making it children tea parties and a bit grown up tea parties. Nenas you guy love to drink Tea Masala  with some nice alfajores.

Oh I forgot to mention sometimes am invited to their tea parties and I have to wear a crown and the truth I don't mind it is nice to be call princess and not mami!

You know nenes there are things that just never change the other day while I brush your hair after bath, I though for a while how much I hate to brush hair...and that starts by me there are times that I don't brush my hair after I  wash it  thank God I have straight hair. 

Is funny I am a mami now and very close to my 40's and the brush is not my friend at all.  Although I am trying to change by brushing las nenas hair everyday (but the truth is that it is not always like that)

The girls do allot of painting, I try for them to sit down and paint and come up with different ideas.  Samia is being working in a small book, I made it her a little book so she draws on it for a couple of days and then I sit down with her and she tells me a story of her book, is actually very interesting.

This week I being doing a bit of sewing specially since school starts tomorrow I CAN NOT WAIT----- I was thinking the other day if Abuela felt the same way when we were in vacation, a point when she could not wait till we would go back to school.. Sorry nenas you guys have not even made it to school yet and mami already has plans with Amir tomorrow!!!!

Here is a bit of the sewing I being working on.  I am trying to get rid of a bunch of fabric I have before I even think of buying more, I just don't want to be stuck with a bunch of fabric and feel guilty that I bought it and I never did anything, so not into I see my stash to Zero I will not be visiting the fabric store.

This time next week we would be in Miami I can not wait although I am going to miss baba I need the break, nenas one day you will understand that the only person I can trust my kids 100% with no worries is Abuela and of course baba well he does not here comes 2 weeks of stress free kids.

Time is going so fast baba was talking to me yesterday and we came to realize the year is almost gone, that Samia is not a baby anymore, that Gamila is getting taller and skinny, that Amir is driving us crazy, and that in less than six months we would be in another house.  Is funny how in 30 minutes of talking to baba we touch so many subjects like

how much Samia looks like titi Mio

like Gamila is Palacio all the way 

how Amir is in love with me....

how Obama is full of crap so much promises and Zero done!!! 

How FACEBoook is a tool to help people make an ass of themselves! 

That the move and the trip to Colombia are a fact!  

That Abuelo would finally meet the kids!  

That Zetu and Guido left a month ago and that having the house for ourselves is nice...nenes always be truthful to yourselves and to those around you, there is no need to sugar coat the realities of life like that ...the inlaws in your house for a very long time can be felt as pest even us Mami and Baba can become a pain in the royal neck one day....That is why baba and I always say that when you guys get big and marry and move out we are going to buy a motor home so we can just park outside and visit.  

How I envy the fact baba puts his head in the pillow and falls asleep in No time

And to wrap up our weekend our Sunday ritual of flower picking to decorate our dinning table, the playroom table and living room...I just love seeing our roses is so rewarding...I am going to miss them when I leave this house.

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MK said...

Once again, love the pics! LOL about Facebook... is true. There are some things I like about it, but still. Gotta love time to really talk w/ Baba too. My hubby is off today and we have errands so I get some of that too since most of ours ends up being while driving.

Oh btw.. It seems I'm directing a lot of people your way lol. Every day when I look at my dashboard page (is diff on wordpress than here) it shows how many people are clicking on various links and yours pops up as several times a day every day. So someone who reads me likes you lol.