Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pan y mas!

Last week of having the kids at home, yes my Gamila would start school next Monday.  Not sure how I am going to feel Monday when I come back and there is only Amir in here. I know I will miss them like crazy but being truthful we all need it.  I think Gamila needs it more than any of us.  

The last of couple of days we being in a roll like always..for starters mami did a henna tattoo, I have always wanted one so a couple of days back I order a small kit and baba and me played with it, he use some of the stencils they included and did this cool picture...I personally though it would last longer but is almost gone, I think because I put it in a high traffic area.

The nenas are in a beauty shop roll, they are into putting make up on themselves and the dolls, they are also doing their nails.  This is one of the few things that they can play for very long lapses at a time.

Amir is growing and growing I am teaching him now how to hold his tete.  I also have notice that boys are so different from girls in so many ways for starters he is in love with me he sees me and he just goes bunkers he loves for me to lay with him and just cuddle him all the time.

Samia everyday you amaze me more and more, I think you have realize that usually baba and mami make bread when baba is off in the mornings so today you asked us out of the blue mami you making bread????

Nothing better than seeing the pita bubble up!!!! I know kind of pathetic when you get excited about a pita bubbling up.hahahahah

Samia and I have being working in a small city in a box she is so excited and everyday we do something, I find it that at this age they have such a short attention span so I don't want her to be sitting down for a while not enjoying what we are doing.
So is a work in process....

First we draw the building Samia loved the church
Then mami cut it
Now Samia is helping pain the back
We still need the people and a few other things

Lately we have being house hunting again yes we would be moving at the beginning of next year most likely, I am so excited finally I am going to be in a city...maybe not living in it but close to it...yeppy yeppy yeppy!

In less than two weeks I will be in Miami I am so excited about it and I know the nenas are so happy to go and see Abu.

Now that I am talking about Abu; Nenas Abu loves a something call Platano Maduro!!!! 
Usually I buy the plantains and just let them get dark.
Once it  gets dark I cut the ends and slit the middle and put a little bit of butter t
Then put foil paper and put it in the oven for about 35 minutes.
Once is cook inside I put Queso blanco inside and put it int he oven again for a little while till it melts.

Nenes in Colombia we eat this allot, is one of those platters that is good at any time!

Here are my lemonade nenas!


Jaz said...

happy ramadan!

KKGhoffman said...

is that why you were asking about St Charles schools?? I don't anything about them but could ask my aunt.. where are yall thinking about moving??

MK said...

Mmm food looks good. Love the henna, I miss doing that!