Monday, August 16, 2010

School is in

Today was the first day of school for Gamila!  And like always she surprise me  not even a tear came out, she was actually more excited than Samia, I was 100% sure she was going to cry her heart out and she did not which made it so much easier for me as well.  Afterwards I was in a date with Amir to Walmart, hard to believe but I enjoy it only a kid inside the buggy and half way our journey he slept.

Then we came home to a very very quiet house, I will be lying if I said I miss them I think that after being with them all the time with NO break we all need the separation.  When I picked them up from school they were so happy and tired.  They did not do much talking then but as the day has progress I  have heard stories of how the children did not stop crying, how she felt sad for them that was Gamila telling me the stories (not sure what age she thinks she is)

On another note the other day I reconnected with a friend that knew me since Middle School we talked  for a while catching up what we had being up to the past decades and then she said something like "I never picture you as the mami type staying at home enjoying motherhood"  Wow it took me by surprise  specially since I have had other people that knew me from my old days the same thing.

This comments make me wonder WOW I guess before I was very very different...I always wanted to have children but I guess I really did not get interested in the subject till I become 30.  Then I remember that I was too bussy to think about being a housewife to all of its powers.  
Baba was out of town once again..I just can not believe it we are alone most of the time this past what else can I do than play with my camera.

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