Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahlan sewing machine

Yes, I have taken back my sewing not much time left but here and there it keeps my mind going and the girls excited when they wake up in the morning and find what I have made.  This morning Samia woke up to this skirt, sorry Milo I am working on yours, since she did not have one she did not take off her sisters ruffle skirt.

The skirt was made with white cotton fabric and the ruffle is from an old shirt of mine as well as the lollipops or flowers Samia say they are lollipops when I was making the skirt I though of them as flowers, it was very simple to make and fast...and my nena loves pink so that is the only thing that matters.

 Amir you are getting into computers now...for some reason he sees the computer and he goes crazy his eyes just pop open, yes amor like mami she loves computers.

 Trying to have Amir pose with his boxers a gift from Ms. Kim they are still big on him but he looks so so cute. The moment I fix Amir to take a picture from some reason las nenas think is their turn as well.

Funny things I hear around the house....

G - Mami let's play you are the monster my baby is the prince and I am the king I will save him.

S - Mami ask her to please go and wash her teeth and in the way there please turn the TV off, ~~~~~ Your response in a very nice way "Mami I only have two hands"  Cono you learn fast!

G- Mami I am a big girl and Samia is a cry baby

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Stacey said...

I absolutely love his boxers. Makes him really look like a little man. I cannot believe how big he is now. You know I'd hold him now. ha ha