Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seven years of I love you, Te amo, Ana Behabeck

Yep today we have being marry for seven years...time flies I guess when you are having fun time does fly tell me about fun 3 kids in 7 years not bad...well I should say our first 3 years were all by ourselves.  

I still remember our first date I finish work and drove from Long Island to Astoria so we could go out, I was tired from a long day at work, but I had already stood him up once could not do it twice...and I am so happy I did not do it.

Pollito like I used to call you before the nenes came what can I say they being great, don't get me wrong we had have our share of shouting matches but that has only teach us more about each other.  

Nenes (for my none Spanish readers nenas was when there was only 2 girls now I have to say nenes sounds better to use masculine for the girls than the feminine for Amir) when I met baba he would get mad at me and stop talking to me for days....that scared me but after a few months of me doing the same thing we solved that when I get upset that takes allot and nenes you will realize that when you guys get old as of now no mami is a fire cracker...well when I do get mad and I tell baba I don't want to talk he goes insane he hates it...funny how his ways bothers him now.  

Baba I thank God for having you and for being my companion in all the journeys we travel.

Today I cooked something new and Yummy delicioso, like Gamila likes to say, we also pick some flowers from outside I did the roses the girls did the other flowers, I am so happy with my roses shrubs they are the best, I already told baba that our next house that by the way we should be moving beginning of next year, not far from here I want to decorate my whole garden with the roses they don't die and are easy maintenance.

Is so hot outside that is so hard being out with the three by the time I load everybody in the car I am already seweating like a dog, and taking them out is not an easy task so we usually go in the pool in the mornings and then hang around the house so trying to keep our enemy off the TV requires me to work extra hard in we did 

Can Telephone I remember having one when I was little not 
sure who made it for us, but definitely Tio Fabio and me played.
Is very siimple just find two cans and make sure there are no sharp ends, I file mine down.
Then take a nail and hammer and open a hole in each end, put some twine and knot and let the fun
begin, like the girly girls I have they wanted to decorate their.
It kept them busy they played most of the day with it, baba and me even had fun.

Yesterday while I was doing groceries I purchase las nenas notebooks so they 
can take notes and scribble today while Milo napped Samia and I had a blast I 
did some pictures for her so she can match, I am starting to use my drawing or kinder garden 
drawing abilities she enjoy it.
She actually played with the drawings a couple of times she had me drawing them over and over.
Is simple, relaxing for mami and entertaining for nenas

We also did egg goggles, I saw that a couple of weeks in a Spanish show, so 
Today Samia had fun painting them and wearing them.  Samia while you were
painting them I notice the say you had your toes mami always is playing with her toes like that.

Amir nene and while all of these goes on you are either in your swing, or your bouncy or your play pin always around las nenas and mami, and you don't like to sleep that much anymore I am only able to get a long nap from you in the morning the rest of the day you want to be around this amazonas...

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MK said...

Aww! Love the pictures. Amir is a cutie & looks like the girls were having a blast. I love shots like that (about the only kind I can get as people keep so sweetly pointing out). Food looks good too!