Thursday, August 5, 2010

Filling the hours!

The last couple days have being productive, well from my stand of point, although not having Samia for a couple of days actually makes a huge difference..  However I can not wait to go and pick her up, I know she is having the time of her life she has not even ask to call me.

Amir you love avocados, boy can you devour it and by the way make your self a face mask with it.

This is what you find next to my bed, I started working in a blanket I am going to give Samia for Christmas, she has being begging me for her own blanket like the one I made Amir, however I am making this one big so she can use it over the years, and yes I started 6 months before Christmas because I know myself and I would not be surprise is not finish by hopefully it does, I try to do a couple of rows every night.

Amir mami made you some shoes specially now that we would be going to Miami for a couple of weeks...I know milo nothing for you, I promise you I will have something for you this beautiful girl.

I think on Monday we had our friends over and like usually Ms. Bonnie and mami always try to cook for the rest of the week so we can freeze it, or not have to visit the kitchen everyday.  I was not to fond of freezing food but after having Amir there are days that I don't have much time left during the day so when is a difficult day, more like a day that mami has a baby hanging of her hip this frozen food is the best.  

Well we made some spinach cheese pizza and we actually had las nenas add the toppings, I think Samia, Gamila did a great job.

Compare to the big girls pizza, and Who said pizza had to be round???

Things Gamila has said:

G - I wish I can fly in  a bubble

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