Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of these week

This week was a quiet one Samia did not have any summer camp nor Gamila, however this coming week we have a full schedule Samia starts dance camp for two weeks and Gamila goes back to her summer dance classes, that means Amir and Mami would become chauffers againg...

Earlier this week we went to have fun to the jumpy place with our friends we had not seeing them on a while 

Amir is getting bigger and bigger he is starting to want more solids I had being giving him mainly mashed bananas but this week I made him some baby food I did him some apple sauce, some green peas, and some bananas. I really enjoy making them their food I tried with the three of them to give them as much home food as I could.

I am also a bit sad the vegetable garden is coming to its end, I only have a few zuchinni plants left, an okra plant, a few peppers, mint and one tomatoe.  The other day I took care of the oregano as of now I have it drying to store the leaves.  Would update on that later.  And since I am always alone and nobody to take pictures of me with my little man now the mirror is my favorite photography tool.

Gamila has also become very handy when it comes to bathing Amir.


Sole Sister said...

Amir is concentrating so hard on his bubble bath. Lovely pics as usual.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the containers for your baby food. What kind are they? Mine look like ice trays lol.