Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Me tienes loca

Like I will say in my Colombian slangs...Amir me tienes loca, que tarrado, que bombon, que papacito, que bizcocho...In other words Amir you are driving me crazy.  He is just getting so big and for some reason he just loves being with me....what can I say yes yes boys drive mami crazy...........

But while Amir drives mami crazy the nenas can do whatever they want with baba today I got them a little nail polish kit and boy did they use it even baba had a mini manicure and pedicure.

Yes nenas you even have baba wearing silly bands....I am telling you this two have baba wrap around them. Nenas baba loves spending time with you two and playing your silly games he watches cartoons, and as I am typing this on Tuesday night he is sleeping with Gamila in her bed because she wanted him to stay with him.

Samia yesterday you started your dance camp and so far so good however today you woke up telling me your hand hurt you took a shower and your hand was a bit swollen after I pick you up in dance your  hand was huge so we had to take you to the Dr. she thinks something bite you hard to tell your hand is so swollen.  SAmia always be very careful with insect bites you tend to get a bad reaction all the time.

Okey Milo now I am going to talk a bit about you and your attitude or like I will say No Joda que culicagada mas mamona....Milo you can be so challenging that the only way I can explain is in spanish...
In other words you make me go into the bathroom and do some breathing techniques when you get into one of your moods....today after I send you to your room for banging a plate into the floor because you did not get what you wanted I guess you fought your sleep so hard that you ended up like this.
But Gamila like you can be so mean you can be so sweet here you are making faces to mami and posing for her after I let you polish my  nails.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I just had to laugh sooo hard when I saw your girls painting your husbands nails, and laugh even harder when I saw Gamila asleep on the bed like that! SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Gamila reminds me of Kalila lol. She does that a lot... gets mad over something or another and will fall asleep just like that. I love her, but she's a handful.

Stacey said...

You have the patience of Job my friend. I kniow we don't talk much but I miss ya. You always say the funniest things and make me smile.