Monday, July 5, 2010

Rain and sunshine

Last week we had so much rain to the point that you don't even want to go out it just rain and rain and rain.

Everytime I would look out of my window I will see something like this.

But luckly enough for the weekend the sun came back and along with the sun came the pool and my silly girls.

The girls had so much fun with baba in the pool and before getting wet they were playing funny clown girls with the goggles I had gotten them.  Samia call them her telescope and like always Gamila repeats what her sister says.

Amir nene you are getting so big here you are wearing your first pair of jeans......

On Saturday while baba and mami got the meat ready for our parrillada, Samia put her DVD she loves my Zumba exercise tapes and she started doing them...baba and me could not stop laughing that we had to video tape her.

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