Friday, January 8, 2010

Mami's mind

So we finally have a tentative date for this baby to make his grand entry as of now is the 2th of March however I am going to change it for the 3rd this way he will be born on a Wednesdays just like Samia and Gamila.

I am also a number freak here is my logic behind the dates as well:

Samia 3/8/06 = 3+8= 11+6= 17 and 1+7= 8
Samia's date of birth

Gamila 11/7/07 = 1+1= 2+7= 9+7= 16 and 1+6= 7
Gamila's date of birth

Let's see how the baby's work and keep on mind Samia and Gamila were emergency C-section meaning I went to see Dr. did blood test and then called at home to go to the hospital right away. I know I am weird I love the number games no wonder I am an accountant and a die hard Sudoku player.

Few random things Gamila for some reason every time you finish taking a shower he brushes your hair in such a dorky way...while I give you a nice hair do baba does this slick back that makes you look Funny!!!! Not sure why he always argues that is the right way with the kind of hair you do.

Samia you ask so much about the baby today you wanted me to teach you how to change a pamper so you could change his pamper you wanted to practice in are so excited you even ask me if the baby can sleep with you, if you can feed him, I just know that you are going to be a great older sister.

I am almost finish with my first crochet blanket...It took me a while but I only have a few rows left, I still have to figure how do the sides so they look nice since I am not an expert it looks like a curvy road....baba has being wanting to take a pic of me crocheting but I did I never let him because I look like a grandma but today he was able to snap it.

Today I also finish a pair of cloth shoes I had being looking at a tutorial for a while but for some reason I always felt intimidated but today I said myself I have to tackle it.


Salma said...

Any day will be a good day, as long as the little one is healthy. Fingers crossed for you (unless that's bad luck).

Love the booties.

Mama Kalila said...

Awww. How cute! And gotta love how big sisters are... Kalila's even starting (as young as she is). Not to that extent of course, but we've been reading a book & talking about what it will be like & there's a part about counting his toes & now she's going on and on about how she's gonna count his toes lol.

Michelle said... never cease to amaze me! Shoes??? Oh my goodness! I'm beyond impressed with every new thing you do! And the beginning of March is just around the corner...yippee!!!!

Anonymous said...

cute little booties! I just cought up on your other post's those look like good reads! I loved the Twilight series, New Moon is slow at the beginning but it get's very good around the middle and then you can't put it down!