Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Los Reyes Magos

Los Reyes Magos or like here in the south they say the start of Mardi Gra. ......I don't think we were very big in celebrating los reyes magos back home or when I was growing up.  

Today however we went to see some friends and eat some nice Rosca and guess what Elashry family got the like I was told by my friend Bonnie we would be making tamales....I am always up for some tamales.

Baba has being a bit sick lately he is being suffering from vertigo it all has to do with his inner ear, for some reason since we moved to Louisiana he has being suffering from terrible allergies and apparently they mess up his inner ear.  It all started back in the summer and he was able to have it under control with some medicine, but this past weekend he had a few episodes so now he is doing all kind of test.  I feel so bad for my baba, but is better to be safe and know exactly what it is.

Tomorrow I will be visiting the Dr. I can not believe 31 weeks I am hoping we can schedule the the C-section soon.  I just hope is the end of February or the first days of March I would love to have at least a week in between birthdays like Milo and me.  The same between Samia and the baby.

Yuyu has being in the house for a month now and the girls are in love with her she is very sweet, although I am not the biggest animal lover I have to admit I really enjoy having her home, she is very low maintance she is potty train so is very easy.

Nenas you guys love playing together and love giving each other hugs and kisses and the truth is that both of you look for each other although Gamila always wants to follow Samia but it figures it is her older sister.  Samia you ask allot about the baby and you are always asking me is he kicking what is he doing, do he likes it you are tickling my belly etc.  Is amazing nene how you are not in our arms yet but you have become part of the family already you are always talk about and we just can not wait to have you here.  

Samia you also love dancing defiantly like mami this is how you spend most of your day this days!


Anonymous said...

I know that I haven't posted in a while, but I have been reading your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy and your beautiful family. May 2010 bring you much health and happiness!
Maria Eugenia

Mistika said...

Maria Eugenia I am so happy to see you back. I wonder a couple of times how you were and how is your son.
I am expecting a boy in March, I know how much you enjoy your boy, I can not wait for mine. Keep in touch!

Stylomom said...

Wow you are already 31 weeks? yes, I think it would a good time to schedule the C. you dont look really pregnant at 31 weeks, thats very lucky... good luck now. The girls seem very excited too~

Counselormama said...

How exciting! Hope you are feeling well!

Anonymous said...

You are right.