Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 weeks left and more

So nenas there are two things that are have being in my mind and everytime I am going to post about them I forget and then I remember when I am driving or doing something let me say it now

- Nenas sometimes when I am doing the blog and putting pictures I always get this guilty conscious maybe I am putting more pictures of Milo or vice versa is funny is this thought that always plays tricks with my mind.

- Nenas Abuela always mentions to me that sometimes her children have teach her things when we always think is the opposite parents teach their children but that is not always the case and Samia you have showed me that is true.
In our culture or I should say the way we grew up we never said a prayer prior to eating we always thank God when we finish and in baba's family is the same. However living in the south I have notice that many families bless their food prior to eating...Samia since you started school you have started to bless your food and even baba and mami are doing it now is actually a very pretty couple of lines and it goes like this:

1 2 3
Thank you Lord for feeding me

Now that I think about it is also right to bless our food before hand and then thank God after the meal.

So needless to say it is cold I think everywhere in the country is cold. Even in Miami is cold I had to remind Nono and Abuela to bring in the orchids since it was going to be very cold the past two nights...I will remember next time I am there to take pictures of their orchids well I should say Nono's I wish I could have them as he does. I have tried several times buying them and they always die that I have really giving up for now.

Since it has being too cold here I have kept the doves inside and the girls have enjoy playing with them, although they are always outside I realize this past weekend that they enjoy being petted....even Gamila that fears every single moving objectis in love with them.

Also one of our mami's at the playgroup mention about putting water outside now that is so cold so they could see how it freezes over the last couple of nights Samia has being so excited about her water experiment like she calls it.

Today one of our friends had her baby boy and it made me realize that I only have 8 weeks I can not believe it and still have so many things to do.

We have to fix the nursery I think I will start working on it next weekend, hopefully we would buy Milo her big girl bed so she can give her crib to the baby.

I want to make the nursery very simple but colorful finally some bold colors is a boy...

I also feel that I am growing by the minute this belly is so different from the girls.

As far as my crafts I finally finish same set of shoes for the three kids they are so cute whenever baby boy can wear them I will put up pictures...Inshallah.

Almost finish with my crochet blanket I think it would be a wrap tonight after las nenas go down!

Oh yesterday I went to New Orleans all by myself in the morning to do some shopping I got an awesome green leather chair for our room... I will take pictures soon as well I think is going to be a great place to sit down and breastfeed...I can say the girls are getting a kick of it!!!!! I was a bit hesitant about green but I had two very good friends telling me to go for it.....


Michelle said...

8 weeks??? Oh my!!!!! So exciting!

.::Tuttie::. said...

only 8 weeks that is so exciting mashaAllah! I hope EVERYTHING goes as plan and there aren't any complications. ameen

children are cute mine is only 14 months but he is schooling me.

btw for some reason I totally skipped the fact that you are in Miami. My mom moved there in 2003 with my bros. Last time I visited was in 2006. I wish I could go back. They are actually in Hialeah but its like right there so I just say Miami (plus it sounds cooler:)

Stylomom said...

Wow Mistika just 8 weeks? I can remember my nerves by then.. but you look really enjoy it, I'm sure you look forward to it. Cheers!