Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 princess and a little prince!

Time is getting closer and closer after Christmas I only have two full months for the baby to be here. I am getting so excited and I know las nenas and baba as well, the other night while we all watch TV Samia felt the baby move and she was so excited actually while I type this my little man is moving around. Oh nene we finally have the name the two of us agree with it so we are satisfied.

Today while Samia was at school and my Milo napped I finish a few things for the baby.

First I did a little hat out of one of Samia's shirt that is full of stains and since I was going to throw it away I figure we can make him a funky hat.

Then I made him a pair of jeans also from recycle fabric with some colorful patches on the side.  Who said that boys can not be funky!!

I also did this cute set of pants and shirt for those first days...I can not wait to see him in his little giraffe shirt, I love giraffes by the way.

I guess you can tell by now how excited I am about my little man.  Nene I can not wait to hold you in my arms and find all the similarities you have to your sisters when they were babies, to see if I can see your tio's features or titi Mio features there are so many things I will be looking for.  

Milo what can I say about you challenging very challenging.  yesterday you went to throw one of your shows and try to hit me so baba  came to tell you to apologize and in your strong voice the only thing that came out was NNO NO NO so you ended up in your crib...after being there for a couple of minutes then you realize that saying I am sorry was the way out.

Today a very similar show, but this time I had to use la chancla in your nalgas....from talking to Abuela she tells me I was challenging at that age, I know is transitional but I know it has to be address.

Today after Samia came from school we painted for a while and decided to become tattoo girls so what better than being princess girls 


AlabasterMuslim said...

oh my goodness only two months left! I pray that your delivery is smooth and not too painful, and also that you give birth to a healthy boy! amen!

Anonymous said...

wow!!que rapido se esta pasando el tiempo, disfruta tu embarazo, descansa, descansa, que muy pronto se llegara el dia WOOHOOO!

.::Tuttie::. said...

AMEEN! (to Albasters prayer). you are VERY talented mashaAllah. are you a seamstress? or just learned on your own?

Salma said...

Very nice...still counting down with you. Did you send me any baby dust or what?

Mistika said...

Alabastermuslim - thanks habibi inshallah the baby would be healthy.

Tuttie - just learn in my own lots of reading and tutorials

Salma - Yes I did lots of it.