Friday, December 11, 2009

13 days left

So in 13 days I will serving my Christmas Eve dinner I am so excited about making tamales, natilla, bunuelos...I just can not wait plus knowing that Samia is enjoying la navidad more and more is amazing.

The weather here in the south has being cold and gloomy..yesterday was a nice day but today Waka waka so we stayed indoors  so many things we did and still this kids want more, I really don't know how home school mothers do it, I think I will not be a happy person, mami or wife at the end of the day.  Keeping them busy is so much work I notice we start doing and activity and by the time I am about to walk away after explaining them and doing a bit they are ready to move on.  I literally spend more time cleaning the mess or work area than what they spend working on it.  

After many painting sessions, separating shapes, colors, cutting, reading etc etc....I finally gave in and bake something Samia has being begging me to do, but for those that know me I can never get the cookie dough good so needless to say my shapes never work neither.  Last year I purchase all of this cookie cutters and this morning while we painted I made the mistake of taking them out so Miss. Samia saw them and the cookie request started.

So I remember I had some Arabic puff pastries dough and I figure I could use that and cut them into shapes and fill them with raspberry jelly and apricot as well...well let me tell you we had a little factory line and they came out great and I think the shapes held up pretty darn good.  So from now on this would be the type of Christmas cookies we would be making till las nenas learn how  to make real cookie dough because I have given up in all of my tries.


Salma said...

I just reread the last you and hubby have agreed on a name(?) Nice. Wow, I feel as if I am waiting for a baby.

Michelle said...

You are such a fun mommmy! Such cute Christmas cards too!!!

Melanie said...

I always refridgerate my sugar cookie dough before cutting it out. Use flour to keep it from sticking to the surface and your rolling pin. Works every time ~ it's easy to roll and easy to cut.