Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I finally finish my playhouse!

It all started a couple of weeks back, well really a couple of months ago after I stumble upon this I just love her play house they are incredible..I was a bit hesitant about making one for las nenas since I figure it would be lots and lots of work.  I showed it to my friend Bonnie and the truth was that she was the one that push me and said we can do this.  She bought all the materials and then we sat down and figure out the dimensions and some of the sides the same idea.

After having all the panels cut and the big stuff cut then comes the small details what to make detachable what to sew and the drawing which by know everybody knows I am not that good at it, but couple of nights looking at coloring pages did the magic.  

Samia saw me making some of the stuff and she was so excited she has not seeing the playhouse completely put together I know she is going to so happy when she sees it Christmas days.

There are a few things I would had done different but I guess next time I will defiantly do it. Another thing that I really enjoy making was the felt mail and knowing that all of our family members are away I figure the picture in the stamp picture keeps their memory fresh with the family.

This are all of the detachable items

  • they can pick the apples 
  • pick the vegetables
  • count the numbers
  • learn the shapes
  • mail the letters
  • water the flowers
  • rearrange the flowers
  • give the bone to the dog


Michelle said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm always impressed with your creativity and your sewing! Very awesome!

Melanie said...

WOW that is awesome!! I love it!!