Saturday, October 17, 2009

From the light to the dark!

So I finally decided to potty train Milo...UGGGHJHHH!!! or like I was saying yesterday ..NO JODA QUE MAMERA, QUE CULICAGADA MAS CANSONA, HIJUEMADRE and the list goes on and on. Yes nenas mami says bad words...Abuela was not able to fix it so I think I am beyond repair when it comes to that.

Milo, Samia was so easy compare to to you, but you guys are so different it was to be expected sorry Milo!!! I know by the time you read this you will be like NO WAY.... MMMEEEEE.

Potty training means staying home, a bit difficult because Samia is around and she needs to go out Yesterday I started early with the potty training what can I say it was not easy and by no means it was a success. Nenas having you is the best that could happen to me but I can not paint everything beautiful there are times I would jump of a balcony if I had one. But since I don't have one I go outside and look at the sunset from my house after baking a cake for baba since he was traveling yesterday, baba also thinks is safer and calmer for me to this is was what I was admiring while you guys were being very nice to baba.

Today has being a beautiful day we could not make it to the Halloween party but Oh well! I always believe that God puts things in a way to prevent us from doing something so we have to make the best out of it. After baba left the girls and I went outside to do some Halloween decorations they really enjoyed it and so did I.

They also did some lime picking they love to do these I am so bummed out one of our lime trees for some reason every lime that comes out of it lately is bad...not sure why and this is the one that has so many limes by the way.

After we finish picking the limes I told las nenas to go for a walk and try to pick some things as rocks, leaves etc. I being meaning to do a leaf garland for the fall with Samia but with the crazy temperature we have there were not many leaves in the floor. I love doing this kind of stuff this way they learn that is not only toys and can have allot of fun outside just with the nature. They walked showed me rocks, flowers, leaves, even garbage. I think as they get older we would enjoy this more and more.

Half way in our journey Milo you gave up and did one of your shows, one in the middle of the street and the other inside the house, while Samia and I went thru our bag of goodies. Milo you will learn to be a team player later on you are still small.

And here are my two tangible nenas now they make me go from smiles to tears but I adore them dearly...and you my baby I am waiting patiently to hold you in my arms those first months and enjoy your sleep till the battle begins once again. Gracias papito Dios por todo lo que me has dado.


Anonymous said...

It took forever for me to potty train the 3 year old I nanny for. Good luck!

Salma said...

Sweet...Right after my oldest got out of diapers we trained her. Little one (2nd baby) wasn't as easy, and liked to play with her mess.

I can see you are on number 2, so you've been there done that...good luck to you. Also, if I remember clearly, hubby is very hands-on. I wasn't that lucky.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog...