Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weather fashion, Fall flowers

This is my Samia and her sense of fashion if it is raining and she is going out she needs to wear her boots, it does make sense however seeing her in her ballet outfit with rain boots is a mixture of cute and funny.

Today while we were home since it did not stop raining I decided to make some jelly beans the only thing I can say is STICKY STICKY takes too long to make to be eaten in seconds. With my hands all sticky by the time I wash them to take a picture the jelly beans were somewhere in Samia's and Gamila's digestive system.

I also finish a little harvest project I being working on I first saw them made here so I decided to make something in the fall colors, I also took a plastic container I had saved and covered with some fabric. Is cute easy and super inexpensive. I am just not a fan of a bunch of expensive decorations that I have to pull out every year so I rather make inexpensive stuff that I can toss or when I get tired I can discard them and not feel guilty.

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Umm Omar said...

That picture of Samia in her ballet outfit is PRECIOUS!!!