Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Milo's dress, Samia hoop, Dance away!

I being getting back to my routine, I am not so tired like at the beginning of the pregnancy plus las nenas are back in their schedule. Bed time 7:30 their nap and now with Samia in school is amazing how many things can get accomplish I being sewing allot. Since every time I do decided to do something for Milo it does not work, I decided to make it up myself and just follow my own directions. I made my own pattern, had a few moments of doubt but I made it and I am so proud of it, plus my Milo is so in love with it.

Today was Samia's first day of dance school, when we first spoke about dance school I explained to Samia that it would be ballet and Tap and right away she told me only ballet I don't like tap. I immediately though the moment she is in there she is going to love it, and it happen today she did not want to leave her ballet she wanted to stay for the tap.

I love to embroidery also but every time I pick up my hoop and needle the drama with Samia starts, so today I decided I was going to teach her how to do it, maybe this way she can let me do it. When baba arrived from work I had him fix the needle cut the tip so it would not pinch her. I went ahead and ask her what she wanted to embroidery and she said a princess. I put my drawing skills to the work and I came up with a distorted princess picture but she loved it. We teach her baba and me and it kept her entertain for a very long time, and by her facial expressions I could tell she was enjoying her self. The best of this activity was seeing baba enjoying himself with a hoop and a needle in his hands.

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