Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rainbow cup cakes

Once again baba is gone so that requires much more work for me keeping the nenas bussy so they don't miss baba so much.

Before baba left he made sure to do Samia's homework with her. They were having Queen and King day. (I had never heard of that but I guess is an activity to keep them bussy) She brought the crown with her on Tuesday and we had to take it today after helping her decorated it.

From Sept 2009

Samia being in school is a great help but then we have the afternoons. Yesterday I decided to make cupcakes I had being promising the girls for a while about the cupcakes.

I made the batter but then had each girl pick a color so I separated some batter and food color it. Samia helped me and as expected ate as well. Gamila you only ate that was the help I got from you. Milo you even put the whole container over your head.


Anonymous said...

Now why didn't I ever think of rainbow cupcakes? So cool!

Stacy said...

I've never thought about putting food coloring in the batter...we're going to have to try that one! They look yummy!