Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bias Tape, Colors, Cooking fun!

So I should start by saying this was the first weekend we spend in our new home alone just the 4 us. I had to be sincere it was fun just being us. Nenas finally baba was off and he made sure he was ours the whole day.

I finally did a dress for Gamila but it was a complete disaster I was following a pattern and she is very good but for some reason this pattern did not work. Half way thru the dress I realize the opening for the head was a bit small, but trusting her patterns I figure it must be my imagination. So here I am with a beautiful dress but I can not get her head thru, I was disappointed and very upset at not trusting my sewing instinct. I was not going to let the dress go to waist so I ended up just making straps out of the sleeves. Milo sorry nena the dress is a big bit for you, however you did not want to take it off.

In our house coffee is a necessity there is not a day we don't drink our cup of cuban coffee or expresso like some like to call it. Nenas you love coffee but since is so strong we water it down with water and you guys think is the coolest thing in earth.

Samia you are starting to love to sew, every time I am doing something you always help me holding the fabric. I also try to make you part of every activity I am doing, I find this helps me getting more things accomplish is easier to incorporate you than to try to entertaining you with something else. Here you are playing with my patterns and some fabric scraps.

Daddy was in charge of the kitchen this whole weekend and like always he loves to make things with Samia his helper or like she told us today"I know how to cook and bake"

Baby last night I finish making you a little kimono I being working on. Since we don't know yet if is a boy or girl I made it yellow with some bias tape I made out of scraps. I have to admit it I love it so did baba and Samia we were all so excited when we hang it in your closet.

This is how we looked Sunday night!!!


Anonymous said...

Hola!Just saw all the pictures congratulations on your nephew!What a joy! I love the fact that you give the girls cofee, Andre's just starting to like it too!

Umm Omar said...

I can understand that by now you would love some quality time with the hubby and kids! My kids love tea and iced coffee. They can't get enough! Love the pictures.