Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hairy Spaghetti ~ Trilingual

Today was a day full of action starting by mami taking Samia to school and then to run some errands that was till I was at Office Depot parking lot wearing this shoes instead of my tennis shoes:

So I came back home no choice and decided to do it after I pick up Samia, I being sewing for the girls allot hopefully tomorrow I will post pictures, I being trying to use the fabric I have and not buy anything or even use clothes we don't longer use baba's or mine to do things for them.

Today Samia got tested for her speech and I was so happy to read the comment the therapist wrote about her. "Terrific comprehension and articulation (precision and clarity), especially considering Samia's trilingual" I was so excited it also reinforces my theory of talking to them clearly and in the three languages. I guess we will wait and see with Gamila, although I have notice her speech is not as advance as Samia's at that age, but also Samia did not not have anybody to talk for her, Gamila has Samia. I notice how Samia translates for her or finishes her sentences when she is not clear.

For lunch I did something new I read it a while back here and today when I ask Samia what she wanted to eat she said hot dogs so I decided to try it and it was a success. Actually Samia and Gamila help me making it and I was amazed at seeing Samia enjoy it so much I will assume she did half of them. Gamila you did not do many because you wanted to eat the hot dogs raw so I had to entertaining you some other way.

I wanted to make them Halloween theme orange but with the girly girls I have it had to be pink, I think I put too much pink they came out red.

Baba also got his new toy or what I call my sacrifice since I was not able to get my Kindle! Well but at least we would have a nice yard, not the jungle that we live in now!

I love mushrooms nenas I love seeing them and I have notice them growing in other people's yards and I always wanted to have some in my year and today I found one and I was so excited that I even had to take a picture of it, I know weird but is something I like and no everyday you can find mushrooms.


Stacy said...

OMG, those hot dogs look so gross :), but I'm sure they were yummy for the kiddos!

Mama Kalila said...

LOL I agree they look gross... but looks like fun too!