Friday, September 25, 2009

Miami here we come!

Tomorrow I will be in Miami God willing, I am excited but a bit sad for leaving baba behind.  Samia is excited as well but she did mention several times how much she is going to miss her baba.

Today our friends came over and the girls had a blast. I loved the way they shared their popsicle. Alexandra decided that since there was only one left the 4 of them were going to share it.  I don't mind it they are always exchanging drinks I think they are immune to each other germs by now.



Baba came home and just wanted to be with his girls since he would not have them for a couple of days.


Not too long baba had not being feeling so well so he went to the Dr. and was put in a low sodium diet, I feel so bad because he works so much and he has no time for cooking and outside food is out of the questions, so I made for him a couple of dishes separted them and put them in the freezer so he could have some home meals while we are gone.


Samia is very excited about her trip so when I was doing our bags she decided to do her own bag and filled the mochila like she calls it so much that it was super heavy, when we tried to empty it she did not want to because her Abu needs all of these stuff.  Well Samia sorry habibi I just empty it and decided for just some books to read in the plane.


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