Monday, September 21, 2009

Brotherly Love!

So in a couple of days I will be in Miami with Abuela. Although I am super excited about seeing my mother I have to admit I am super excited I will be with my 2 brothers, Cesar like the thoughtfull guy that he always is would be there as well. What can I say I am a spoil sister, the last time we were together the 3 of us was for Milo's birth. I just love being with just the two of them, it reminds me of all of our childhood anecdotes.

I remember how Cesar wanted to be a priest and he would put Fabio and myself to be the ones attending mass I even remember receiving communion. I just have beautiful memories of the two of them, or like when they went to visit me in New York just the three of us in my tiny basement. Or when we drove cross country from Miami to Minnesota, or when we all met in Michigan. I know that for them being just with me is very important.

Being with them always makes me feel like the only girl around them, they always have taken so much care of me, and even though I am a grown woman and left home very early I have always done things in my life to make my brothers proud, I would never want my brothers to be disappointed of me. Now that I have two daughters I see things of Cesar in Samia she is very observant, quiet and very polite. I see things of Fabio in Gamila her none stop talking personality and her fearless personality.

Fabio you are always special with me just your look gives me energy, Cesar you always give me that sense of peace of knowing you will do anything for me, maybe I never told you this but having you with me when I gave birth to Samia marked my life, you took my mami's place.

Nenas is sad that we lost Amira and you only have uncles but trust me I know they would do anything for the two of you

Nenas look at tio Fabio's face like always planning something that mischievous face is his trademark.

Nenas here Tio Cesar like always taking care of us, always holding my hand, and embracing Fabio to guide him through the right path.

Hermanitos los amo y gracias por estar siempre conmigo y nunca juzgar mis aciones o decisiones.

Nenas always treasure your siblings is the longest relationship you would have, love them, respect them, take care of them, care for them, be sensitive to them, don't be judgemental, talk to them, never impose yourself, accept them no matter what!!!


AlabasterMuslim said...

I love pictures like that, you can really see into the past with them!
Miami? Like Miami Florida?
You'll be an hour away from me!!

Mistika said...

Yes Miami florida!
where are you in florida in broward?

Michelle said...

Have a WONDERFUL visit with your brothers!!!!