Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skirt short, VIRUS, mami's belly!

So las nenas are sick and so do I.  The last 3 days have not being easy first Samia you were running very high fever now is that dry cough but overall you are much better.

Gamila you are now sick with very high fever last night was very difficult I had to bath you 3 times, I have to admit I was so scared, I just hate seeing you guys sick. Thank God baba would be home tonight, I know he is being super worry.

The last 2 days we have only being eaitng chicken soup and Samia like the princess that you are you love to drink your soup in the princess plate that baba got you in his last trip.

From August 2009

Now I am sick but I have to take care of the las nenas, in another note my belly is growing and growing although I have to admit I had a prior belly so they are in the process of combining, although I can fit in my pants my shirts are a no between the boobs and the belly expending I am in need of new shirts.  Everywhere I have read you start showing much earlier in the third pregnancy no wonder I feel like a ballon.  I am already 12 weeks I can not believe it.

From August 2009

Between so much sickeness I had get a chance to do some sewing I am going back to my regular routine, I being skipping my afternoon nap so I can sew a little, usually I cut at night and sew during the day.  Yesterday I did a skirt with shorts for Samia, since she loves to wear skirts but I want to make sure she has a short under since she does not know how to sit yet.  She loved her skirt, the best part was when she would try it on, Milo you go mami I try too.  After finishing the skirt I found a white shirt that had some stains so I made some butterflies so you could wear it with the skirt. I have to be hones the skirt is a bit too much with the ruffles and all but I know she likes it and that is what matters.

From August 2009

From August 2009

Milo now I am working on a dress for you, is only fair not only Samia, and baby I will be sewing a kinomo shirt for you soon Inshallah too.

Hopefully las nenas feel better tomorrow, so we can go out and do some stuff.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

The girls are adorable as usual. I hope they both get back to feeling better. And, congratulations on being pregnant!! :-)

Mama Kalila said...


Don't feel too bad, I'm only 6 weeks and I'm already starting to "show". I did early w/ Kalila too, so not sure why I'm so surprised...

Anonymous said...

hope you guys feel better soon!:) As far as the showing so soon, I have to admit that my third pregnancy felt like that too and It seems like as soon as I found out I was ready to wear maternity clothes!Then when I told everyone I started to wear them that's weird ha?

Michelle said...

12 weeks, wow! I guess time flies when you find out a couple months in right? :) :) I love seeing growing bellies, keep taking pictures!!!!

I'm so impressed with the outfits all of the times! So much talent! They are adorable! The outfits and your girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have tons of Maternity clothes for you!! Winter and Fall and the rest of the fall weather. We will have to get together soon.