Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little bit of everything!!!!

So here goes my little update full of events for starters I am alone again baba is traveling after he got this new position I feel he is always in the road, but I guess that is life and we should be thankful that at least he has a job. I can not complain I love being home with my nenas bathing them feeding them and taking care of them I guess that is what motherhood is all about taking care of these two little precious girls.

On Sunday baba and mami pick up some of the key limes that our trees are giving they are full of juice, I also have beautiful roses I am so happy with my landscape although the weeds can get a bit in my nerves.

This is usually how a regular day the play room looks like, I always have an ongoing battle should I pick it up at noon should I make them pick up and put everything in the wrong place, should I just wait till the day is over and then pick it up. As longest the toys stay in that room I have no issues what I am against is toys in the living room, the kitchen the dinning table and I think I already have them train as far as that goes.

From August 2009
Samia you have also become a great helper every time when we finish dinner you want to put all the leftovers in one plate so we could throw it away and you love taking the plates to the sink, however the only problem with that is that you slam them and I am afraid sooner or later something is going to break, but I like the fact that you like helping and you love order are a great asset at young age.

Samia when we went to drop off Guido and Zetu on Saturday I think you got bitten by ants in the car, since then you have these huge bites you have not being feeling well, and since yesterday you being having flu like symptoms and today Milo you are sick as well so today we all be heading to our new pediatrician, hopefully is nothing major.

From August 2009
Gamila the other day when we were about to leave I told you bring me your zapatos and this is what you came with and you were so upset when I told you NO those shoes are not to go out, I had to chase you to get them off. Is amazing how good you guys walk on those shoes is embarrassing that mami at the age of 34 does not know how to walk in high heels, and you guys know.

From August 2009

Yesterday we had so much fun, well the nenas did they went outside supposedly to paint but it turn out to be body painting, they just had a blast painting themselves and then painting each other, at the end they wash themselves with the hose and just enjoy the nice weather outside.

From August 2009


Michelle said...

Absolutely LOVE the painting! Sooooo fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they get better soon! My little one is still sick but feeling better! Como le haces para que aprrendan espanol? I'm having a hard time with mine. My husband is Caucasian, and we speak a lot of English but I want them to know spanish too I just don't know how to combine it I don't know how!

Mistika said...

Amiga is not easy with the languages, I speak spanish to them 90% of the time and I even have to push myself, they understand everything in spanish but to get them to talk is a hassle, they just want to talk english. I guess as long as they can understand it, when they get older they would be more interested but they would have the basics by them.
Try to put allot of spanish music so their ear gets used to it. Sigue tratando por que si no lo hacemos cuando crezcan no lo van a reprochar!
un besote y abrazos!

Counselormama said...

Your life looks so great, so relaxing!

Anonymous said...

you've got a nice family Mosquita