Friday, August 28, 2009

Hospitals....My nephew Charlie is here!

First and most important news nenas Charlie is here yes CHARLIE made into this world this morning!

Nenas soon we would be meeting the first boy in the family finally!!!

Tio Fabio is so happy he is a great dad I know Charlie would be his best friend.  Gracias papito Dios por todas estas bendiciones!

When baba left on Monday while I was trying to sleep and Samia was sick in my bed I was thinking bad case scenario what if I have to take her to the hospital what should I do take Milo with me or call Bonnie to pick her up...I decided I will not think about those things and try to sleep.

Well yesterday the situation came Milo had very high fever on Wednday night but I knew it was the virus Samia had but her temperature was 104, I gave her motrin and we spend most of the night in the tub.  Yesterday she was better in the morning but the moment that temperature came back she was sleeping and not feeling well.  For about 2 hours she slept in my lap but at a certain point she was not very responsive and she was gasping for air.  

I was frazzle, crying not knowing what to do but then I pick up myself, calm down and woke up my Samia I have to mention that little girl is a trooper, and on we left for the hospital.  We were there for 3 hours Milo not only had a virus but double ear infection figure her high temperature, and they did test her for Flu I was afraid she had that but thank God it was not the flu. 

Milo you slept most of the time we were in the hospital except when they try to do anything to you, you go crazy scream and kick like there is not tomorrow, at those moments you get all of your energy back.

Baba is back and things are back to normal thank God.  I proved myself that you can go to the hospital with two little kids and survive.

Samia I should mention you took a nap in the hospital as well you were not feeling that great!



AlabasterMuslim said...

congratulations on your son! I'm so happy for you! you should write more about your son too :D

Mama Kalila said...

Wait wait.. Is that your son or nephew? I didn't think you were that far along... Congrats either way lol!

Mistika said...

My nephew, I still have many months to come before the new baby!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the nephew!!

Stacy said...

Congrats on your new nephew! OMG, Gamila looks so sad, I hope they get to feeling better soon!