Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading update 7

Wow I can not believe is over 3 months since my last update.

I read some girly books and this last couple of months

Something Borrow - I actually came across this book while having a nice walk with my friend Stacy.  What can I say is a girly book fun to read and you don't want to put it down.

Something Blue - Also a very nice book, very basic reading but entertaining.

Baby Proof - Fun reading fast and easy. 

Unaccustomed Earth -  Great book is several stories but they are so enchanting is mainly talking about the life of different families in these country.  Great writer.

White Tiger - I highly recommend this book, I even got baba to get it in audiobook.  Is a story that captivates you so much, that you even end up sympathizing with the killer, is hard to believe but you get to know so well the character that you feel for them.


KKGhoffman said...

i read Love the One You're With by emily giffin this summer it was good easy read. I think i will read something borrowed next.

Michelle said...

Oh how funny! My sister got me those first 3 books not too long ago! I haven't gotten around to reading them as I usually choose sleep right now...but, they are on my "next" list! :)