Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More catching up

Samia you are so thankful I love making things for you, the praise that comes out of your mouth makes me want to do more and more like the happy face quesadillas you love them.

Lately we being sick at home so the nights have being a bit frustrating one wakes up and then is like a chain reaction, I was thinking the other day I think I have had more sleepless nights the last couple of weeks even more than when the kids were born.  I love this pic baba did the duty that night.

The weather here is crazy up and down looks a little bit like the stock market gains 140 loose 160.  So before I know the weather is going to be insane cold or rainy I make sure that we enjoy the outdoors and sometimes I let them go crazy and crazy I mean by jumping in poodles of water.

Yes Amir that is you eating a rock.

Sometimes I find we don't have allot of pics of us together is hard when nobody is around to take them so that means that I set up the camera and then run run and run trying to put everybody in place and yes Milo you never made it to this pic.

Nenas I hope you guys look at this picture in about 15 years when you guys tell me "Mami you never let us do anything" I will make sure I put this out so I can proof I do.

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