Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Pray for Egypt

Egypt is in my mind the whole day, thank God I have being able to keep on touch with Guido and Zetu but I am just so upset.  

Why did it had to get like this?

Is to wonder for almost a week the anti protesters were doing their demonstrations everything was so calm and organize.  I admire their organization their peacefulness.  I felt proud of Egyptians seeing how well they were able to organize their demonstration's, they took the time to search everybody, take food, and help each other.  But here comes the thugs that I know they had to be paid. Their only agenda was to destroy and create chaos for God sakes those of us that have being in Egypt know that you never see a camel in the middle of the street unless you are in the pyramids or traveling in the desert.

Also from past experience the Egyptians love foreigners they would never turn against a foreigner even if that means a reporter with a camera I just know that for a fact I being to Egypt several times walked their streets and spend time not only in the tourist areas but in other areas and I know that is nothing like that.

Is just so sad why people turn like these, but like in everything stress situations can bring the best or the worst of us.  If this man loves his country like he said why he does step down let the country elect is leader.  This tyrant has to understand in today's society is very hard to keep people in a shell they have access to technology they can see how others live.  Hopefully all of these other Arab countries learn from Egypt and make changes soon so we don't' have to see what is going on in Egypt in other countries.

At home we are so worry for so many reasons is the uncertainty of what is going to happen when are we going to see Guido and Zetu.  Suzzu she is an older lady and she has to hear gun fires outside her window and I know many other countries live like this but is sad that we only stop and think about the anguish of others when it hits close to home.

I know there is not much that we can do, the only thing is pray and keep on praying.

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