Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much going on

Still worry about what is going on in Egypt hard to tell what is going to happen.  I just pray that things would get better soon.

While the turmoil goes on Egypt the nenes here are always doing crazy things and exploring here and there nenes you guys are so small that is hard to explain what is going on but I know in a couple of yours you will be reading about it in your history books, and I will remember all of this feeling and worries that we being feeling here at home.

Still looking around the house my favorite places my bathroom although is not full of fancy creams or perfumes I just love my little bottles although keeping them dust free can be a bit difficult.

I think last weekend Amir ate more chalk than I would had wanted him to do, not sure where he hid them but every time I would turn around his mouth was a different color, till we finally were able to recover all of them.

While we are talking about Amir I took this picture of baba the other day and I find allot of resemble in them two of them.


Life with Kaishon said...

Both your husband and your baby are very cute : )
We have a sweet Colombian boy living with us right now, Juan. He came from Colombia and his extended family was not treating him kindly so he moved in with us. We love him so much and don't know what we will do when his visa is up...in March : (

Rocio Esmeralda said...

your babies are so cute..♥
stopping from the communal global =)