Saturday, January 15, 2011

Silly Mami

Being a stay home mami makes me act like a child many times during the day.

Like here playing with Samia's goody bag items.

Baba has being out of town so lately I don't tell las nenas he would not be coming home to sleep because my sneeky Samia figures it out and around midnight visits my bed to make me company.  She thinks she is making me a favor by sleeping with me.  Samia I love sleeping with you but that means that after you arrive a few hours later Gamila arrives, and then mami has no place left in her bed.

So the other night before they are going to bed Samia ask me if baba is coming home because the the night before he did not come to her room to give her a kiss.  Since I had told her he was coming later.  So today before going to sleep it went something like this:

Samia - Mami is baba coming tonight he did not come last night.

Mami - Yes nena

Samia  - Mami why baba did not come last night?

Mami  - Because he had some car trouble (yes nenes sometimes mami says some little white lies)

Gamila out of the blue

Gamila - Mami baba crash

I am looking at her like what are you saying?

Mami - No Milo is just car trouble (and I am laughing just by looking at her facial expression)

Gamila - Yes mami he crash and he trouble with police

I could not stop laughing she is so serious while she is telling me this.  I start laughing and Milo you get so aggravated because you feel I am laughing at you.  

What can I say I just love this kids they make my life a great roller coasters and nenes mami is afraid of montanas rusas.

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