Friday, January 14, 2011

Myringotomy with tubes

Finally today Amir got his little man has being suffering from recurring ear infections for months, finally we decided to put tubes hopefully this is the cure to your problem.  

I was nervous about hte surgery, baba was worry about the surgery and my blood pressure, but thank God Amir and mami did just fine. Is amazing little man went in at 7:05 AM and at 7:20 AM he was in baba's arms.  

Nene I had to stay home with Milo and Samia praying for you while baba took you.

Here you are 5 minutes after surgery up but drowsy.

Amir here you are 6 minutes after surgery.  You did great afterwards came home eat and play with mami then you took a long nap and then party with the girls.

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