Sunday, January 16, 2011

Manners humm

Nenes by know you would know that most of my thinking is done either taking a shower (but not very often since my showers are record time these days) or driving that one works better because I play the quit game who ever talks looses....I find this game is fun for Samia and Gamila because every time they win they come home to a nice healthy treat like a carrot (yes nenas you guys love to eat carrots)  Amir lately you being messing it up, but I know sooner or later you will learn.

Okey so let's go to my thinking today while I was driving I was thinking that we have let our manners go down the drain.  I remember growing up with 1000 manners rules that if by any chance we did not follow it was not pretty what Abu would do to us.

I am always trying to implement them here at home but I have to admit is not always possible but I do my best.  Nenes also you have to know that baba follow these rules when he was growing up, is hard to beleive that in opposites sides of the world baba and mami were following a pretty similar set of rules.

I remember that when people came to the house we were only allow to say Hola and leave the living room.  We were out of sight, we would only appear when they were leaving and that was to say Hasta Luego.

If by any chance we would get home and there were visitors I remember Abuela telling me you enter from one side and exit the other say hi and leave right away and make sure to go to the person and either hug them give them your hand.

We were never allow to jump on the couch.

Never allow to play in the living room.

Our feet could never go in the couch even when we were little we had to make sure the legs hang of the couch.

No shoes in top of the bed.

Eating was only allow in top of the dinning table never did I get to walk around with a bag of chips or cookies in my hand.

I was never allow to interrupt when Abu or Abuelo were talking between them or with other people.

I remember that we would go to peoples houses and Abu would tell us if they offer you food you say no thank you we just ate.

If by any chance we were giving food or went to dinner somewhere we were never allow to ask for another serving at home yes but not outside the house.

I would had never being allow to ride a bicycle or scooter inside the house.

And the list can go on and on.  So nenes even when mami was growing up that you think is like 1000 years ago mami had tons of rules to follow and nothing happen to me.

So when I scream:

Take your finger out of your mouth.
Finish your food.
Wash your hands
Wash your face
Don't run in the living room
Don't jump on the sofa.
Mami is talking
Go to your room...etc etc

Please follow the directions it would be beneficial one day.

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Visual Notes said...

Great lessons...I think I'll take a page from your book.

I love your haircut, btw, and I am glad that Amir's surgery went well.
I didn't know exactly what they do in these cases...thanks for sharing.