Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A couple of weeks ago Samia came from school talking about Hawaii and Obama and volcano.  I being hearing it so much and she even explain to me how to make it so this past long weekend I home I figure it would be a nice time to make it.  The girls had so much fun making it so did I.

I love to see the happiness in their face, they look so amaze at it.  Gamila was very interested but there was moment she felt a little fear I think she though lava was going to be all over the place.

It was so funny prior to the experiment they were smelling the vinager and making all these silly faces.  I have not being able to figure it out but why is s child laughs so rejuvenating, I hear Samia and Milo laugh and my day gets better no matter how bad it had being before.

Nenas you guys love to play together but you also love to fight just remember this faces when you guys grow older and drive each other nuts.

This past weekend I also took the girls to their favorite place, when I go to this place I get to see how much Samia has change how years before she would always be next to my side and now she is all by her self out and about climbing the rides or playing the rides.

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Visual Notes said...

I love the photo of Samia looking at Gamila...these girls are always going to remember these days.