Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brotherly love

Samia you are getting so big and so independent you love to play things by yourself, I have to admit nena I love it since between Gamila and Amir am always in the middle.  For some reason I think Amir and Gamila have a competition for my attention.  Gamila you can be so calm and collected but the moment you see me doing something for Amir you go bananas.

I know you guys love each other dearly because I see how excited you two get when you interact, the truth is that you too remind me allot of Tio Fabio and me

Now that I look at these pictures WOW I see how it works older sister always bothering younger brother.  Sorry Mao I never meant to be such a pest.  With this Amir sorry nene but Gamila would always be your shadow.

Samia here you are with your puzzles which you love and you can spend hours playing with.  I am so happy I was able to get them for a bargain the other day.  They are wood so hopefully in 5 years I can take a picture of Amir playing with them, that is if we don't loose a piece or Yuyu destroy the pieces.

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