Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching up

The last couple of days we have done a couple of things the girls have being a bit sick and I have my fingers cross hopefully is just a flu what Amir has and not another ear infection for God sakes we just had tubes in.

Nenas you love to play with each other the other day while Milo played with her doll house, Samia painted the back pack tio Cesar and Tia Maria send to her for Christmas.  Samia this is the first time you paint within the lines I just love how pretty you painted the back.

Last week was pajama day at school, I can not get over that only here I love the concept though, I wish there was a pajama day all around it would be fun to see people walking around in the jammies.  After the pajama day the girls decided to have a picnic, Samia like always you are the innovator decided that the umbrella was necessary.

 Milo or ojitos like I call you although baba lately has being calling you ojitos as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi hope baby Amir gets better soon. He is an adorable baby.