Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crowns of toilet paper -- ETC

Everyday we tried to do a craft at home, so we can have some fun and learn a new thing.  Today was crown days of toilet paper rolls, I am tired of buying crowns and ending up destroyed either my small terminator AKA as Amir or my yuyu.

Samia loves wearing it all the time and just pretending she is a queen not longer a princess.

The other day when I was looking at the calendar I realize that very soon we would be moving again is hard to believe time flies this days so I decided that I wanted to take some pictures at my favorite places in my house I just love looking at them, I found pictures of our first house a couple of months ago and every time I see them I remember or feel what I was at that time....I find that we live through our memories.

 This is by the kitchen sink, every time I am there I find myself looking at these people and know that somebody in Peru made them with their hands I just love it, I also think what a big journey these pieces have travel I have own them since 2009

Here is my night table WOW it has change over the last couple of months no longer a baby bottle the best part.  Also who would think that at 36 I already own a blood pressure machine, years before there was always a book but technology has taken over and I just love my kindle.

Baba was out of town for a couple of nights so nenas now you guys have it all figure out so now I just bring the mattress and have a sleepover at my house.


Life with Kaishon said...

What a wonderful post. I loved looking around your house. And most of all, I LOVED the princess. What a little doll!

likeschocolate said...

What a fun idea!